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  • 600gram Cartridge


An easy to use tube of Black Fire Cement, fits a standard caulking/ sealant gun for less-mess application. Black colour so blends with stove/ flue pipe.

It is essential for sealing around flue outlets on woodburning stoves and is used for fireplaces as well. Easy to use and sets harder the more heat it is subjected to.

We also stock various diameters and lengths of flue pipe and related products - please look in the chimney products category.

If you have bought a stove from us, and your existing chimney is in working order, you will probably need a LENGTH OF FLUE PIPE and some fire cement (the length of pipe will depend on how tall your opening is ie. it needs to go well into the chimney without the end being visible, plus a bit. More than one section can be joined together, they just slot into each other.
You will then need a REGISTER PLATE KIT to blank off the bottom end of the chimney.